Dr. Eric Schulze

Founder and CEO

Dr. Eric Schulze, MD, PhD, is a physician, inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary. After graduating from the University of California Berkeley with Honors in Molecular Biology, Dr. Schulze was accepted to the University of California San Francisco Medical School for the MD-PhD program with a recommendation letter from Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate for the discovery of DNA. He then did his Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where he worked with RadStar, one of the world’s first PACS systems.

Dr. Schulze is no stranger to developing RIS/PACS systems. While working as a radiologist in Louisiana, he helped develop one of the first integrated RIS/PACS systems, for which he received a US patent. As Chief Radiologist for a 400-bed tertiary care hospital in Texas, he was a pioneer in introducing teleradiology. This eventually led him to co-found 24/7 Radiology, growing the business to 85 client hospitals in 17 US states and established international subsidiaries in the Philippines, India, and Singapore. Shortly after 24/7 Radiology was purchased by Alliance Medical Imaging, he formed Lifetrack Medical Systems to leverage what he had learned running one of the most distributed teleradiology companies in the world, with particular attention to the challenges he encountered using existing radiology software in emerging market conditions in Asia.

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