LifeSys™ is the first truly distributed enterprise radiology platform on the market, allowing customers to effortlessly scale and integrate their radiology operations seamlessly across hundreds of radiologists and clinicians spread across multiple hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics. With patented technology, it enables unprecedented productivity for radiologists whether they’re at the hospital, at home, or on the road. It not only simplifies radiology operations for customers but saves them money every step of the way, making LifeSys™ the most cost-effective enterprise-grade RIS/PACS in the world.

LifeSys™ is also able to facilitate an “Alibaba of Radiology” model, where a hospital with a large pool of radiologists can receive and diagnose medical images coming from hospitals in underserved markets all over the world who are also using the LifeSys™ platform, with just a simple flick of a switch.

Features & Tools

    • Advanced radiology reporting technology with a point-and-click design for quick, intuitive, accurate, and consistent reporting;
    • Features a fully-integrated, context-sensitive, proprietary Decision Support System for efficient reference, education, and standardization that helps augment radiologists’ diagnostic capabilities;
    • Active Templates report writer for significantly-enhanced radiologist productivity, improved quality and standardization; and
  • Lightning-fast diagnostic viewer with all standard controls
    • Fully-integrated speech recognition in the report writer with wide availability of languages, accents and all character sets;
  • Works with no training.
  • SMS, email, and online notification of cases with fully automated audit trail including timestamps noting access to cases and case resolution.
    • Integrated reference material with a built-in knowledge base per modality per body part.
  • 100% Context-sensitive augments radiologists’ diagnostic capabilities and saves time spend doing research and aids in residency training.
    • Full DICOM anonymization with no Protected Health Information exposure;
    • Non-identifiable clinical information passed seamlessly;
    • 100% synchronized in real time through hash-table based encryption; redundancy built-in through use of AWS with multiple Availability Zones per region;
  • Cost-effective and scalable across multiple teleradiology sites
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant encryption and compression of medical images;
  • Easy-to-install application removes the need for VPNs, point-to-point connections, or heavy IT infrastructure support, enabling huge cost savings; resource-efficient forwarding of medical grade images,
  • Perfect for low-bandwidth emerging markets.
    • Allow distributed radiology involving unlimited number of facilities and sites featuring low-cost onsite servers automatically synchronized using our hybrid cloud architecture;
  • Seamless integration with all Hospital/Clinic Information Systems in the market through HL7 or SQL; Integration with all device manufacturers through DICOM Modality Worklist for a fully digital workflow that provides customers with ease of mind.
    • Adapt to any and all clinical workflows with our patented “origin-and-clone” permission system for simplicity and streamlining at a fine-grained level;
    • Localize worklist and reporting to any language easily;
  • Manage security of patient information accessed by different user groups effectively
  • Enterprise-grade, configurable dashboard and reporting, with exportable datasets across all fields captured in the Worklist for in-depth analysis and better management visibility.
    • Integrate various emerging deep learning applications with the LifeSys™ platform
    • Review and verify deep learning findings and images
  • Active Templates™ autofilled by deep learning applications for radiologist’s concordance


  • Edge Computing on Consumer-Grade Hardware

LifeSys™ is architected with edge computing technology to decrease server loads and can run on an intel Skylake Quad Core i7, 16 GB RAM. No need for expensive, high-performance hardware.

  • Zero Foot Print Installation

The LifeSys™ viewer is native to the Google-chrome browser, requiring no installations at any workstation and may be accessed anywhere with a network connection.

  • Operating System Agnostic

LifeSys™ can run on any operating system, whether it be Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc.

  • Multiple Language Support

All elements can be localized for any language, so you can deploy LifeSys™ in any location around the world.

  • Hybrid Cloud Leveraging

LifeSys™ RIS/PACS was architected from the ground up to leverage cloud service providers for effortless and inexpensive distribution of images, reports, and knowledge across your enterprise.

  • AWS Hosting

LifeSys™ has dual-core server instances hosted by Amazon Web Services and is efficiently engineered to scale up effortlessly and extremely cost-efficiently.


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    RadNav™ Technology
    US Patent #9,223,482

    The Active Templates is an advanced radiology reporting technology. It has the benefits of legacy “canned report templates”, combined with a drag-and-drop tool functionality, and 100% context-sensitive decision support access.

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    Managing Permissions
    US Patent #9,705,931

    Advanced Configuration Engine™ is a standard feature of Lifesys™ RIS/PACS. Permissions can now be managed effectively, quickly, and efficiently at a fine-grained level. The result is effortless adaptability to any radiology workflow, with significant improvement in security management of patient information.

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