• Simple

    Just plug and play.

    No special OS or hardware required.
    Fast, secure, and always there when you
    need it. Gain access to your information
    throughout the hospital. We found a way
    to extend the cloud to your on-site consult.

  • Elegant

    Designed with effectiveness and simplicity
    in mind.

    Our highly-intuitive interface allows
    radiologists to focus on the matter at
    hand: quick, accurate, and reliable
    response time..

  • Powerful

    Images move at lightspeed to
    give radiologists a complete
    medical picture, in just seconds.

    Got your hands full?
    No problem, just dictate using our
    voice activated feature.

  • Intuitive

    Teach, learn, collaborate.

    Need a second opinion? Our Integrated
    Decision Support feature is our way of fostering
    feedback-enabled medicine. Forgot something?

    We’ve got learning resources
    to jog your memory.

The future of radiology is here. View our complete list of game-changing features.


Access anywhere

The LifeSys software is engineered to run entirely in the Chrome Browser without ANY plugins. This includes the Radiologist Diagnostic Viewer.

In addition LifeSys is architected based on the LifeSys SEPI principle (Simple – Elegant - Powerful – Intuitive) which means that users can use the software with little training. Version 2.0 goes even further since it incorporates Lifetrack Patented design of the Help feature such that the Tool Tip for EVERY USER INTERFACE feature links to 100% context sensitive help on the specific feature in question.


Lifetrack servers are placed in Secure Datacenters taking advantage of Enterprise level security provided by companies like Amazon Web Services who spend far more than the security budget of even the largest Healthcare enterprises.

All patient data travels across the internet encrypted whether it originates from the site or when sent to an offsite radiologist or other user.


The LifeSys software uses secure Multithreading to send all DICOM images to any user without using additional DICOM multithreading devices. The software does not require the receiving workstation to be a designated DICOM device either eliminating the need for complex user configuration.

The net effect is that Turn Around Times can be slashed and the Radiologist does not waste time waiting for images. Less than 5 minute TATs are routinely provided for cases being analyzed using LifeSys version 2.0..



Intuitive user interface

LifeSys is designed with the SEPI (Simple – Powerful – Elegant – Intuitive) design principle in mind. The software runs entirely in the browser and uses standard Browser UI (User Interface) conventions to give users a simple and intuitive interface for an elegant and efficient user experience. All controls on the interface have Patented 100% Context sensitive help designed directly into the Tool Tip so there is never any wasted time searching a generic Help page for information about any feature on the UI.

Patented 100% context sensitive Help for all UI features

All controls on the interface have Patented 100% Context sensitive help designed directly into the Tool Tip so there is never any wasted time searching a generic Help page for information about any feature on the UI.

Worklist with flexible user level customization

The user interface is fully adaptable for any workflow with peerless control of Fields Features and controls. Unlimited roles and unlimited granular user control is finally made Simple – Powerful – Elegant –yet Intuitive using the Lifetrack Patent Pending Enterprise permission engine.

Workflow management simplified

Workflow simplified. With the Lifetrack Patent pending Enterprise Permission Engine users only have access to those fields and features required for to perform their job. At the same time enterprise user management is also simplified with the Enterprise Permission Engine such that whether you are a small clinic with less than 100 users or a distributed healthcare enterprise with multiple sites and thousands of concurrent users - management is made SEPI (Simple – Powerful – Elegant yet Intuitive)

Lightning fast viewer with comprehensive tool set

The LifeSys DICOM Diagnostic Viewer is made to enable the Radiologist to speed through their cases while at the same time helping the Radiologist maintain Quality Comprehensive reports using Patented Active Template Technology with Drag’n’drop of measurements including the Ruler, Hounsfield Unit, Cobb Angle, Angle and even Disc Bulge Spine labeling tools. No need to worry about the measurement and measurement unit being incorrect.

Patented Active template reporting tool

The Patented Active Template is an Advanced Radiologist Reporting Template technology which takes all the benefits of legacy “Canned report templates” and adds Drag’N’Drop Viewer Tool functionality as well as Context Sensitive access to Subject Matter Expert Decision Support System Best practices information AND report explanations and templates on a finding/diagnosis level. With this patented technology you don’t have to do random Google searches to find or describe most findings and pathology. Using LifeSys every case becomes a Teaching file.

RadVoice - Integrated voice recognition

With LifeSys Version 2.0, RadVoice is directly incorporated into the Reporting function. No need to buy an additional license for seamlessly integrated Voice Recognition. Additionally, there is no need for endless Voice Recognition Training – AND the speech recognition handles all major languages right with no additional cost or training.

RadNav - Integrated context sensitive radiologist decision support

The Included Active Templates incorporate the Lifetrack Decision Support System which allows a radiologist of any level access to Subject Matter Expert 100% context sensitive Decision Support access. For instance clicking the link on the active Template for Hemorrhage on a Head CT report will take you to the Decision Support page with Lifetrack Copywrited Radiology Specific Diagrams and Images demonstrating the 4 major types of Intracranial hemorrhage. Identify the diagram or image that fits and drag it into the report template and you will get the Subject Matter Expert Radiology Report template for describing the hemorrhage including which measurements to make – and the drop spots for the measurements.

RadAlert - Customizable notifications

The Built-in alerting mechanism of Lifesys. It allows automated sending of SMS and/or Email notifications to selected users based on specific preset trigger conditions.

Multi language support

LifeSys is architected from the Ground up for International Deployment such that the ENTIRE user interface can be “Localized” for any language directly from the GUI. No need for the standard Custom Language localization complexity and cost.

user experience


Cloud and browser

LifeSys Enterprise Version 2.0 is engineered from the ground up to run in a fully distributed environment with any combination of on-site and/or cloud based Image servers which are all automatically synchronized/mirrored across any enterprise. All users access the servers via the Chrome Browser including those users reviewing images who use the Lifesysfull featured DICOM viewer which runs in the browser without any plugins. This means there is no software to install for users whether they be administrators or radiologists or technologists or clerks. As long as the user can access any server on the LAN or over the internet they can perform their function effortlessly and efficiently.

On site server

LifeSys Enterprise Version 2.0 is engineered to use any combination of on-site and offsite servers to support any enterprise workflow requirement. LifeSys can run entirely in the “Cloud” in those settings where the Radiologists read from their homes or from a remote reading center, or it can be set up with automatically integrated on-site servers and offsite servers in those instances where Radiologists read both from on-site and remote. Hub and spoke arrangements are effortlessly supported with set up of a remote centralized reading center simply set up by adding a LifeSys server at the reading center.

Multiple sites

Using AWS or similar cloud provider LifeSys can be deployed across an enterprise with all sites remaining “In Sync” across the enterprise. This allows any combination of “on-site” and “off-site” reading including having Centralized reading centers seamlessly integrated with on-site reading. This is accomplished without the use of Expensive “Point to Point” internet lines required by Legacy 2nd generation RIS/PACS systems.

Mobile support

Since Access to LifeSys is via the Chrome Browser – the system runs on any Operating System which runs Chrome. This includes Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux. No third party licenses are required for either the Server (Linux and My SQL are free) or the workstations (Chrome runs on Linux so not even Windows is required to run LifeSys).


LifeSys is entirely DICOM compliant so that it accepts DICOM compliant images from any DICOM compliant imaging device. Additionally LifeSys can integrate with any EMR, HIS or other Healthcare information system via HL7. Custom direct MySQL or MSSQL integrations can also be supported.

In order to ease the transition from a Legacy 1st or 2nd generation PACS LifeSys can easily import any DICOM Archive into the LifeSys archive. Export is also effortless.

easy deployment


RadDash Dynamic Analytics

Any information contained in the LifeSys RIS/PACS can be displayed on the LifeSys Worklist and then exported effortlessly to a Google Spreadsheet. Within Google Sheets the user can run scripts or Pivot table analysis – and the results of the Pivot Tables in the form of Histograms, Bar charts, Pie charts etc…

Management dashboards

Because the user can configure the worklist Data automatically updated “persistent export of the worklist” the Google sheet data can be automatically updated. Since the Google Charts are “Live” when displayed in a Google “Site” the user can display a Live “Dashboard” of the results of the Worklist export. This allows a user to display Live Data analysis on a Google site in the form of a dashboard complete with Data analysis corresponding to KPI directly derived from the Live LifeSys RIS/PACS data. All of this is accomplished using standard spreadsheet tools and the simple LifeSys integrated Worklist export features.



Patented decision support system

LifeSys incorporates the Patented 100% Context Sensitive Decision Support System which allows radiologists to access information about radiology findings and diagnoses via Context sensitive links embedded in the Patented Active Templates which allows the Radiologist to build Consistent Comprehensive reports while having access to Subject matter expert explanations AND best practices Report Text for direct Drag n drop use in the radiology report. The entire DSS is built by Lifetrack with all the graphics developed by our own graphics design Team reflect Radiology specific concerns anatomy and diagnoses.

Built in education and radiology best practices

Using the Patented Active Templates allows the Radiologist to hone their skills by seeing Subject Matter Expert best practices comprehensive reports from which they can build and adapt their own reports and supplement using typing and voice recognition. Using Active Templates makes every case a potential Teaching File case.