LifeSys in Deutsch

LifeSys in Deutsch

​University of Bern, Inselspital

Lifetrack is teaming up with the University of Bern, Inselspital to develop and localize the LifeSys RIS/PACS platform in German. Lifetrack and Inselspital are cooperating to test and perform a proof-of-concept of LifeSys at UBI and to explore the possibility of developing new educational features for UBI.

The Insel Group forms Switzerland's leading full-service medical care system – from primary care through to state-of-the-art medicine – that is available to everyone in Germany. The Insel Group is comprised of six hospitals: Inselspital Bern, Tiefenau Bern, Aarberg, Belp, Münsingen, and Riggisberg. 

Check out their website from here:

Lifetrack Medical Systems is led by a team of healthcare and technology veterans with expertise in developed and emerging markets. Our product, LifeSys™, is an integrated 4th Gen RIS/PACS that enables a 100% digital radiology workflow for optimal productivity, with integration to all imaging devices and hospital software. With, lightning-fast, secure transmission of scans on our cloud-based software and native browser viewer engineered from the ground up, it is able to deliver real-time reviews to patients, cutting down on waiting times and improving both quality of care and utilization.

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