Lifetrack Academic Partnership with the University of Washington

Lifetrack Academic Partnership with the University of Washington 

We're proud to be a partner of the University of Washington with providing access to quality education to all parts of the world. Through our LifeSys RIS/PACS platform and video conferencing platforms, professors can provide lectures from Washington, United States to students in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kenya. Students take turns discussing best practices using anonymized test cases from the LifeSys Teaching File server and sharing opinions with each other. Lifetrack also recently added a Training and Testing Module, which makes for an effective education tool.

The University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM), founded in 1946, is recognized for excellence in training primary-care physicians and for advancing medical knoweldge through scientific research. Recognized for advancing medical knowledge through scientific research; UW scientists explore every aspect of health and disease, from the molecular mechanisms of gene action to population studies of global illnesses. Their work has contributed to improved understanding of the causes of disease and to better treatments and prevention of many disorders. One distinguishing characteristic of the UW School of Medicine is interdisciplinary collaboration. Scientists, educators, and clinicians are dedicated to helping each other reach the common goals of improving people’s health and alleviating suffering from disease.

Lifetrack Medical Systems is led by a team of healthcare and technology veterans from the U.S. and Philippines who have created the first true Distributed Enterprise Radiology platform in the market, the LifeSys™ RIS/PACS. LifeSysTM allows customers to effortlessly scale and integrate their radiology operations seamlessly, enables unprecedented productivity for radiologists, and saves them money every step of the way, making it the most cost-effective enterprise-grade RIS/PACS in the world. LifeSysTM is also able to facilitate an "Alibaba of Radiology" model, connecting patients and radiologists from all over the world, with just a simple flick of a switch.

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