AI Developers

We partner with you from development to practical application. Leverage access to a large repository of images as you develop and refine your algorithms and ensure ease of integration with the radiologist’s workflow to immediately demonstrate your algorithm’s value add to the radiology practice.


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    LifeSys™ provides a large set of images to aid in the development of AI algorithms.

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    LifeSys™ easily integrates deep learning algorithms to enable rapid practical adoption by end users.

Features & Tools

  • Integrate various emerging deep learning applications with the LifeSys™ platform
  • Review and verify deep learning findings and images
  • Active Templates™ autofilled by deep learning applications for radiologist’s concordance

Deep Learning Partners


Lifetrack developed an A.I. API and integrated the lung tumor detection results of Aidence, an A.I. startup from the Netherlands, into the LifeSys™ structured reporting tool (Active Templates™), helping them test their algorithm and obtain CE Mark approval.


We are collaborating with PRANA on their AI chest X-ray feature detector which detects cases of Atelectasis, Consolidation, Infiltration, Pneumothorax, Edema, Emphysema, Fibrosis, Effusion, Pneumonia, Pleural thickening, Cardiomegaly, Nodule, Mass, Hernia, Rib fracture, Paravertebral Opacities, Vertebral fracture, Tuberculosis.

University of the Philippines
Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Department of Orthopedics

Our current research partnership with UP is focused on the development of its hip fracture screening application. This deep learning application aims to detect fractured proximal femur on hip AP x-ray images.

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